Are you a parent facing challenges? 

 You are VITAL for your loved one and it is ESSENTIAL

 for you to get support too


                                                  Is this you?

  • Your loved one experiences anxiety, suffers with a mental health issue or is having a difficult time that is impacting you too.
  • You constantly worry how your loved one will manage in the future.
  • You never get any time for yourself.
  • These issues affect your relationships.
  • You are struggling to know how to keep going.
  • You find it difficult to stay positive and feel like a confident parent.

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How I can help

Let me assist you to become the person that is able to:

  • Manage your and your loved one’s anxiety.
  • Communicate well with your loved one.
  • Keep positive and have JOY in life.
  • Have the right coping strategies.
  • Keep Confident/Calm/Compassionate.
  • Make positive changes.
  • Feel good about yourself.

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One to One Coaching Session

  • Session are face to face, via Skype, by telephone.
  • Coaching is concerned with the future not the past.
  • The focus is on the solution not the problem.
  • Coaching helps build resilience and results in taking positive actions.

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