Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?

Counselling Has Helped You To Deal With the Trauma, Are You Ready To Move Forward?

You find that some days are harder than others. There are days that you can get through OK and then there are days when you really struggle and you wonder just how you are going to make it ‘till evening.

It may have been a while since your daughter or son had been diagnosed with a mental health disorder (be it OCD/an Eating disorder/Self Harm/Severe Depression, etc).

Initially your world fell apart and you wondered how you were going to manage…but you did.

Some of your time is still taken up by caring for your loved one. You’d given up even trying to have a life and do something for yourself. It seemed impossible.

You’d fallen into a routine – not out of choice – which seems to dictate your life. Yes, your son/daughter still comes first. You are doing your best to keep calm, caring  and compassionate.

But sometimes you look back and wonder what’s happen to your life, how did you get here?

You’ve had enough of the unnecessary shame, guilt , lack of self-love in your life and you want to make changes, feel like you again.

The question is HOW?

Does this sound familiar?

You may have tried to work on some issues by experiencing some form of counseling or therapy as a result of your loved one’s condition.

It may have helped you make sense of what’s happened and why you were facing such a difficult situation as a parent.

Sometime it is necessary to find answers so we can have a better understanding of the situation. However, you can’t change the past.

The one thing you CAN definitely work on is the future.

If you are getting a gut feeling that there is so much more you could do and change in your life that would bring great benefits not only to you but your loved one’s life too -but for some reason you feel you can’t – you are not alone.

This is very common for parents whose teenagers had suffered with a mental health condition. These conditions affect the whole family, particularly the parents, and they find themselves stuck.

All you want to do is help your teenager and while you are, you don’t think of yourself because you may feel that you:

  • Lack time, energy, courage, support, or motivation
  • Still can’t make sense of things that happened to your loved one
  • Feel dis-empowered to move forward, lost hope and joy in life
  • Are struggling to have a positive outlook in life
  • Find it hard to keep going
  • Don’t have any time to yourself
  • Feel overwhelmed to even think of making changes and don’t know where to start

If this is the case, Coaching can help!

While counselling looks at the past and helps you to deal with the trauma, COACHING is concerned with the future and focuses on the solution, rather than the problem.

What can Coaching help you achieve?

This is how it helped some of my clients:


  •  Made them more confident 
  •  Improved their relationships with their loved ones
  • Helped them learn that often ” less is more” and started practicing it
  • Helped them focus on what they wanted to change in the future, rather than what they couldn’t change in the past
  • Stopped them from feeling guilty and helped them feel free
  • Helped them become more resilient, confident, positive, calm and compassionate
  • Helped them get control of their life

The world had  become a more positive place for these parents and they found that having hope and joy in their life, being encouraging and looking on the bright side of things brought color not only to their life but people around them too. Most of all, they’d realized how much stronger they become and learned to use their strength.

The best thing about this process is seeing parents begin to believe in themselves and take control, becoming more positive and sometimes even do what they initially thought they couldn’t do.

Over to you

Are you ready to be you again?

Have you tried to make any changes in your life?


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