Is your daughter with an eating disorder refusing help? Read this

You wake up in the morning. Before you even open your eyes, the anxiety is taking over. The thought of getting through the day has been scary since your daughter has been struggling with bulimia. The constant worry about binging and purging keeps you stressed most of the time. What is also distressing is not Read More


The Two Things No One Prepares You For When Your Daughter Has An Eating Disorder

You have no idea what you are dealing with. You daughter’s eating disorder has been driving you and your family insane. You don’t sleep, you are constantly worrying about her eating. When it comes to mealtimes you have yet another battle to fight. You are exhausted and want to cry. You’ve had enough of constant Read More

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Has Your Daughter’s Bulimia Made You Lose Confidence? Here Is Why It’s Not An Option

It seems like it was only yesterday when all was well and you were an average family getting on with your lives. The children were growing up and having fun and life was ordinary…until the day you discovered your daughter’s struggles with bulimia and that’s when everything changed. It wasn’t just your daughter that had Read More


Why Putting Yourself First Is A Must When Caring For A Young Person With Bulimia

You are feeling helpless, frustrated, angry and totally drained. Managing your loved one’s behavior has been a huge strain for you as you’ve been getting very little rest. Your daughter has been going through a tough time. You are needed 24/7. Her struggles with bulimia has taken over your life and you don’t know how much Read More


Want To Help Your Daughter With Bulimia? Let Go Of “WHY”

Want To Help Your Daughter With Bulimia? Let Go Of “WHY” You are told not to blame yourself.  You didn’t cause your daughter’s bulimia. You don’t expect anyone to understand. It doesn’t make sense. You keep going over it again and again, sometimes daily, sometimes hourly. You can’t help it. You’d rather not think about Read More


The 3 Things Your Teenager With An Eating Disorder Wants You To Know

You are trying your best. You would do anything just so your teenager gets better. It seems that you’ve tried everything. You can’t think of anything else. You wish you could do more but it seems there is a limit to how much a parent is able to do when your loved one suffers with Read More


My Daughter Has Bulimia, Have I Failed As a Parent? Here Is the Truth

You are at the school gate.  Someone asks:  How are your children doing? You hesitate; not sure how to answer. You have a 5 second dilemma whether to share exactly how tough, exhausting  and distressing it is to look after your daughter with bulimia. You don’t want to take a risk.  If you were to Read More


Torn Between Your Partner and Your Child? Read This

It’s not unusual for parents to disagree when they are dealing with their son or daughter’s behavior particularly when the young persons is struggling with an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia. Here is Sally’s story: Sally is doing what she can. She is supporting her son and trying to understand his condition. Her understanding has been making Read More


Is Your Daughter Being Discharged Only After a Few Weeks of Therapy yet Still Struggling with an Eating Disorder?

This feels awkward. You are worried.  After your daughter had been diagnosed with an eating disorder only a few months ago, you were relieved for her to have started therapy. It has been 12 weeks of therapy, yet she is been discharged. You feel you’ve been let down. Why is she being discharged? It is clear that Read More