How I can Help

Out of your depth? In an impossible situation? Can’t see a way out?

I am non-judgmental, a sensitive listener and I’ve always been intent on helping people overcome their issues. Meeting me will give you time and space to think and be heard. I will help you explore parts of your life that you want to change and I will encourage you to do it in a way that resonates with you. I will help you to see what’s working for you and support you in making improvements.


Having a child going through a traumatic experience is one of the most frightening experiences for a parent / carer. It is not unusual that even the most confident parents/carers lose confidence, feel guilty, want to give up, find themselves stuck and lack strength or courage to push for the right medical help.

The parents actually need as much support as the young person. They have usually no idea what profound impact these symptoms have on them (parents) as they don’t know what they are dealing with. They will acknowledge this once they’ve been under the strain for a while, often resulting in stress, depression, a breakdown of a relationship.

Typically, my clients come to me because their daughter’s or son’s condition has caused worry, anxiety, confidence and relationship problems within the family, and it had a huge impact not only on parents/carers but also on other members of the family.


Let me help you on a personal level

Let me help you to bridge the gap between how you may feel right now:

Overwhelmed?  Helpless?   Guilty?   Distressed?  Worried?    

  Not having a life?     Not being able to relax?   Panicked?

To being able to:

  • Improve your relationship with your loved one
  • Have tools and strategies to help them
  • Have strength, time and motivation to deal with daily issues
  • Keep positive and have JOY in life
  • Have time to care for yourself too
  • Let go of guilt

There is no one right answer for everyone, it’s about finding out what will work for you, and move you forward, based on your own needs and circumstances.

Why coaching?

One of the services that is also offered to many parents is counselling. Counselling looks at the past and helps you to get through the trauma.

Coaching is different:

Coaching empowers you.

Coaching sets you up for a new and positive future.


  1. Coaching is concerned with the future not the past.
  2. The focus is on the solution not the problem.
  3. Coaching helps build resilience and results in taking positive actions.
  4. Coaching builds your confidence so you and your relationships start thriving not just surviving.

Contact me:

Contact me for a free consultation to find out how to become the person that is no longer stuck and always finds a way out of an impossible situation.