Is This You?

  • Your child has been struggling with an eating disorder aParents matter too - Coaching and support for parents and carers who have a child /young person who may be suffering suffering with severe depressionnd you feel alone, hopeless, unsupported and out of your depth.


  • You worry constantly about them but everything you try to do gets thrown back in your face and you feel like you just make things worse.


  • You are frustrated that you can’t do more to help, most of the time you are treading on eggshells and you just can’t seem to get through to them anymore.


  • You never seem to have time for yourself or energy to do anything else. You relationship with your partner is suffering and the whole family is affected by this illness.


  • You are getting to the end of your tether, you don’t know how to keep going or what to do for the best anymore.




Having a child struggling with an eating disorder is one of the most frightening experiences for a parent. It is not unusual that even the most capable parents lose confidence, feel guilty and want to give in. They often find themselves stuck and feeling defeated, lacking strength or courage to push for the right medical help needed for their child.


That’s why you need support too. You have no understanding of the profound impact this illness is having on you because you don’t know what you are dealing with. This can cause periods of great strain that, sadly, can sometimes resulting in stress, depression or a breakdown of a relationship.


Typically, my clients come to me because their child’s condition has caused worry, anxiety, confidence and relationship problems within the family. Just like you, they desperately want to help but feel that nothing they do makes any difference to their child.


Working with me will help you:

  • Stay strong
  • Communicate better with your child and so improve your relationship
  • Unite with your partner and create a home environment that supports and accelerates your child’s recovery
  • Give you tools and strategies to help your child towards recovery
  • Have strength, time and motivation to deal with daily issues
  • Keep positive and have JOY in life
  • Have time to care for yourself too
  • Let go of guilt


There is no one right answer for everyone, it’s about finding out what will work for your child and move them forward, based on their own needs and circumstances.


My daughter is undergoing therapy, but coping well with her everyday life, our relationship is much more positive and I feel I have taken more control over my own life. The effect of the coaching not only improved our family relationships but enabled me to let go of some of the guilt and blame I had heaped on myself.


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